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Hello, I’m Amir!

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the BME Department at Johns Hopkins University and simultaneously pursuing a double Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and BME. I developed a comprehensive intracranial EEG monitoring tool capable of detecting and localizing seizure events using dynamical networks theory and machine learning. My research interests also include epilepsy seizure prediction, brain stimulation, and seizure network analysis using graphical models. I hold a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in electrical engineering from Tehran Polytechnique and have interned at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in the Netherlands, where I worked as a software developer on sleep recording and modulation technologies. Additionally, I have extensive experience as a software developer and embedded system designer, particularly in international robotics competitions like RoboCup.

personal information

Full Name
Amir Hossein Daraie
13th September 2000
318 Hackerman Hall, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218
adaraie1 [at] jhu.edu / daraieamirh [at] gmail.com
+1 (443) 388 4810


English Professional
Persian Native
German Intermediate

Professional Skills

Medical Data Analysis
Expertise in patient data management, statistical analysis, and machine learning for biomedical research.
Neural Data
Skilled in EEG data acquisition, neural signal processing, spike sorting, and data visualization.
Research & Development
Proficient in biomedical device development, software creation for neural analysis, and clinical research collaboration.
Leadership & Communication
Experienced in leading teams, communicating complex concepts, and publishing research.

Professional Skills

Statistics & machine learning
Medical data analysis
Control theory & signal processing

work experience

2022 - Present

Graduate student researcher

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Developed an EEG tool for seizure detection and localization using machine learning. Conducted research on seizure prediction and brain stimulation. Analyzed clinical neural data, created real-time processing software, and collaborated with interdisciplinary teams. Patented and published innovations and findings and also mentored junior researchers.

2021 - 2022

Research Intern

Donders Institute, Netherlands

Developed software for home-based sleep recordings and sleep modulation with a focus on lucid dream induction and sleep staging using single-channel EEG and machine learning algorithms.

2014 - 2019

Engineer and team leader

RoboCup Federation

Developed software and hardware for autonomous rescue robots, programmed and implemented navigation algorithms, and mentored over 10 students in programming and PCB design.


2022 - Present

Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Advisors: Dr. Sridevi V. Sarma, Dr. Adam S. Charles, Dr. Joon Yi-Kang (MD)
Area of research: Epilepsy monitoring and treatment

2022 - Present

Johns Hopkins University

Double masters degree in BME & Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Area of focus: Statistics and Statistical Learning

2018 - 2022

Amirkabir University of Technology

Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering

Minor in Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.8/4



During Amir’s period in Donders Sleep and Memory Lab from July to October 2021, Amir gained extensive experience in wearable sleep sensor technology and big sleep EEG data analysis. He played a crucial role in developing a real-time controller for a sleep EEG wearable, demonstrating exceptional talent, motivation, and learning abilities. Amir quickly mastered necessary sleep research skills, asked insightful questions, and maintained a positive, proactive attitude. He exhibited outstanding independent thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to meet deadlines under high workload conditions. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Amir’s enthusiasm, teamwork, and effective communication made him an invaluable asset to our lab. I highly recommend him and believe he will be a valuable addition to any academic environment.


Dr. Mahdad Jafarzadeh Esfahani Researcher at Donders Sleep and Memory Lab

Hossein Ghasem Damghani Amirkabir University of Technology




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